Hit and Run: Currently only available at the bands live gigs this 13 track set features the bands' renditions of classic blues tracks plus some original Trevor Burton compositions like the title track and 'Down, Down, Down'. Full track listing - Ain't Goin Down / Rock This Place / Dear Mr Fantasy / Further On Up The Road / Can't Resist It / Angel Eyes / Down Down Down / No Time / Feelin' Alright / Does Your Momma Like To Reggae / Hog For You Baby / Somethin' Else / Hit And Run.

Blue Moons:Track Listing: 1. Little Rachael (Jim Byfield) 2. Down The Road (T. Burton) 3. Full Moon on Main Street (Lindsey and James) 4. Buffalo River Home (John Hiatt) 5. When It All Comes Down (T. Burton) 6. Out Of Time (John Hiatt) 7. River Runs Deep (JJ Cale & JJ Pale) 8. Heartbreak Hotel (Axton/Durden/Presley) 9. If You Love Me Like You Say (Little Johnny Taylor) 10. Mississippi Nights (R. Tandy) 11. The Heartache (Warren Zevon)

REVIEW: THE TREVOR BURTON BAND: Blue Moons (MASC MASC003, 60m 14s) The man who quit The Move in 1969 partly because he idolised Cream and Hendrix and wanted to play the same kind of music has stayed true to his roots and now fronts a band consisting of, Eddy Moohan (bass) and Bill Jefferson (drums). Blue Moons, is Trevor's first album in 12 years and was recorded with his previous band that featured Steve Dolan (bass), Richard Tandy, who stood in for him on a Move tour all those years ago (keyboards), Marjusz Matrenko (bass), and Jamie Little (drums). Two songs are Trevor's own, one is by Richard, and the remainder a selection written by the likes of Warren Zevon, J.J. Cale, John Hiatt, and one radically-restructured Elvis oldie. A full track-by-track rundown would be superfluous, so I'll say that anyone who's into Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher or B.B. King will adore this. You'll hear echoes of all three in this set, especially on songs like 'Little Rachael', Trevor's own 'Down The Road', the atmospheric 'Full Moon On Main Street', and 'If You Love Me'. 'River Runs Deep' is a masterpiece, Trevor's smoky 3 a.m. vocals set to a melancholy ballad reminiscent of early Santana and Dire Straits in one. The Elvis number, 'Heartbreak Hotel', is turned into something different altogether - a wistful, laid-back jazz rocker. 'When It All Comes Down', Trevor's second composition, is a lovely plaintive piece built largely around what sounds like a lightly-picked 12-string. Richard's 'Mississippi Nights' is another soft, more melodic number, specially written for Trevor, while John Hiatt's brisk 'Buffalo River Home' is more country, bringing influences like The Band and Creedence Clearwater Revival to mind. - Review by John van Der Kiste

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